The Court of Archon Sslyth and Lhamaean

Just as I was pondering about new releases from GW and also other make of miniatures that have been tempting me, GW fore-coming release news are hot on the heel.

September is the month for the giant Ogre Kingdom to unleash all their strength. The new range of models are simply amazing if you have not seen them. But what caught my eye for the release are Dark Eldar.

My earlier post on The Court of Archon’s retainers and bodyguards, I mentioned that there were missing miniatures to represent some of the Archon’s bodyguards, mainly Dark Eldar Lhamaean and Sslyth. Guess what, September we will see the release of the missing bodyguards. And, wow, my mind is already tempted to get the miniatures to form my Court of Archon.

The Madusae and Ur-Ghul miniatures are each having an extra head option, but will there be options for the Sslyth and Lhamaean. And I guess usually Madusae and Lhamaeans people will field one each only, its Sslyth and Ur-Ghuls that people will field a few, and is the sprue having options for different pose construction? Guess variations will have to rely on conversion? Will check out these miniatures when released and see the possibility! Cheers!

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