What’s Been Painting So Far…

Its Friday already. Have been painting my Hasslefree miniatures for the week, and suddenly realized that I have not posted any adventure of late. Time flies when you are enjoying yourself… Assembling a diorama with Sadie and Billie, and Summer is busy shooting zombie. Been searching my bitz for some zombie parts inspiration, as I have limited bitz for zombie or body parts. I should be able to get the three girls all done by this weekend or so. If I have time, think I will get Maria up for the competition as well. I will see how things goes. Stay tuned when I submit these works month end for the competition.

My Dark Eldar Raider is almost done. Managed to finish all the line works on the ship body, and phew… that a lot of outline work. Left the details outline for the sail (more outlines….!!) and the small details here and there. After that then I will start painting on the crew for the Dark Eldar Raider. Come to think of it, I have another 4 Dark Eldar Raiders to go, that’s a long way to go. Haha.

Another brand of miniature caught my extra attention recently as well. And there is a painting competition to it recently, which make it a more good reason to get the, Kingdom Death miniatures. I must say Kingdom Death 35mm miniatures are simple amazing. The pose and sculpt for every of the character range they have are so amazing natural and inviting to paint. However, their miniatures stock level are limited always, so the few favorites I like and are out of stock, which leave me with only their new release Pinup Great Game Hunter. Guess I will wait and see when will their stock be replenish and decide on the plan to purchase and paint later on. Meantime, so many miniatures… and so many painting to go… Cheers!

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