Hasslefree Miniatures Order Finally Here!

Wow, I been pretty into other brands and make of miniatures this year, especially after the GW embargo. One of the reason is that some of these small company miniatures pricing are reasonable, and besides its more to collecting and painting a few miniatures than a whole army.

Anyway, I have always been keen in Hasslefree miniatures, they are having a painting contest, so this gives me more reasons to get some miniatures from them and paint. And, yap, I have lots of painting to do and its piling up… haha.

Received my order last Friday though. I was really looking forward to it, and was so worried that my orders might get delayed and I miss the contest deadline (happened to me before). I ordered a whole bunch of female adventurers, trying to form some stories of female fighters adventure. I got a guy in trench coat along with another girl in trench coat and a pistol. Wanted to pair than up as partner detectives. My only complain is the proportion for the guy and the girl seems a bit off. The guy is taller than the girl by a head size. Guess I will live with the size and imagine another story for these pair of characters.

Other than that, I am pretty happy with the sculpt of the miniatures, they are all awesome! The details and cast of the miniatures are very refine and detailed. I got a bunch of resin 40mm base as well. They are nice and detailed as well, except the base area edges are not so refine. But some minor sandpaper should clean up and settle it. I am pretty excited about assembling and painting it as they are very suitable for all my miniatures and the stories which I am gonna tell, haha.

hasslefree miniatureshasslefree miniatureshasslefree base

So, I am gonna start working on these for my Hasslefree contest, meantime, let me try to get as much painted for my Dark Eldar Raider, before I switch over this project. Cheers!

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