My Ogres

I guess by now, most of us would have heard of Warhammer Fantasy next new release to be on the way, The Ogre Kingdoms. For the miniatures sneak peek, just pop by Bells of lost Souls and there will be plenty of preview pictures. They are all so amazing!

There is a new trend in all the upcoming of Warhammer range. I mentioned this in one of my earlier post before, there are huge spiders for Orks, huge spinx for Tomb Kings…etc, now big rides for the Ogres! Most of the new release will feature some form of huge monsters or so. They are all on a large base. For the new Ogre to come, there will be the big colossal Stonehorn. I must say the sculpt is nice. Have been pretty attracted to dinosaur thingy. The last dino ride I like was the Lizardmen Stegadon.

ogre  maneaters

Speaking of Ogre, I just recalled I have my Ogre Maneaters collecting dust on my shelf. Not that I collect Ogre, but in the older previous Empire edition, I used the Ogre Maneaters as hired sword. This reminds me, I have a box of Ogre Leadbelchers as well. Suppose to be hired swords as well. Guess all these did not managed to make it to be painted and battled though. Maybe I should get my Ogre Maneaters painted, since new Ogre are coming soon. Good idea… let me get it base coated first. Cheers!

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