Dark Eldar Raider all assembled

My Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors need a ride! Managed to assemble up my Dark Eldar Raider finally. Did reminded myself to be careful with the assembly and not get any parts glued wrongly. And, guess what? Argghh… I glued the pilot platform wrong side up and there was gap forming over the wall area. The sail bar for the Dark Eldar to hang on was glued in the wrong direction. All the glue was cured hard already and not possible to dismantle without any plastic breaking further. So I end up patching up my mistakes with green stuff and managed to straighten the bow bar instead.

dark eldar raider wip

Gosh, base coating the Raider was challenging. It had a upper deck and a lower deck mesh platform. The lower platform and wall was hard to reach and paint though. I diluted the Citadel Chaos Black a little and managed to wash the lower deck with the black paint, wash the diluted Black paint on the top deck heavily till it drips to the lower deck. Got it washed over a few times till its black enough. Now its all base coated, get ready for colours, stay tuned! Cheers!

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