Ork Nob, Terminator and Purifers

After my last commissioned of Black Reach, the Orks mood still is creeping in my mind. Did a search among my pile of miniatures, and guess what I found. I found the free Ork Nob and Terminator sprue given with the purchased of White Dwarf issue 345. Now, I have an Ork Nob to paint, for my own collection. Was thinking probably will do a small diorama of the Ork Nob and Terminator battling. Probably there will be conversion work to a certain amount, cos the Ork and Terminator are the snap-on type same as in the Assault of Black Reach. Should be a fun project, stay tuned soon…

orks and terminator sprue

purifier wip

Meantime I am still messing with my Grey Knights Purifiers, must really try to speed thing up. I am expecting a package next week or so for the Black Scorpion painting contest. Deadline was extended, so I order some miniatures last-minute to join the painting contest. Hopefully they reach here in time, then I can get started before the deadline. Meantime, need to speed up my Purifiers!

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