Been Busy so far…

Been busy the past days with work and also a commission project I am working on. Its near completion, should be able to get it done by this week or so, stay tuned. Gosh, I miss my Grey Knights, can’t wait to get back to painting them, and also refurbish my old metal Grey Knights.

all my ordersThen all of my orders from Wayland has arrived. Gosh, there’s lot of Dark Eldar stuff. Still have a Dark Eldar Razorwing and Citadel Finecast from Maelstrom not here yet. This is the biggest order of miniatures I ever ordered for all these years of this hobby. Thanks to Games Workshop I guess, haha. Think the stuff I have to paint will definitely last a long long time. For the Emperor, I need a master-crafted paint brush and a pair of techmarines arms… haha.

More projects to work on and paint, now, the next problem, finding space on my shelves to store all these box of miniatures, haha. Cheers!

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