MWG Open Letter to GW Thoughts

I am sure everyone has seen the Mini War Gaming’s open letter video to GW already, if you have not, you can see it here. Well, just wanted to share some thoughts of mine. I fully agree with the issues Matthew raised and discussed. Let’s hope Games Workshop will listen to its customers in the future to come.

Currently Games Workshop being the monopoly of the miniature gaming industry, they should really take great cautious and care in maintaining that number one position . Among them, there are many other small companies, upcoming brands that are competing in the miniature gaming industry. Being the most popular miniature gaming industry leader, the ability to sustain and be the leader in monopoly will take lots of work and effort. Any wrong move or decision will bring about the lost of the monopoly.

In the consumer world, there are many brands and companies that made this mistake, and there goes their number one spot. MWG Matthew mentioned about the Ford car example in his video. I thought a more up to date example in the recent years would be the handphone industry. Years ago, Nokia was the leader of the handphone industry. Yes, they dominated the handphone market for a long time. As technology changes and customer needs and demand are different, I guess they did not listen to the customer’s need and did not follow the technological trends and demands. They insisted on their own way of doing. In the midst of it, they forgotten all about the competitors. The competitors took the opportunity and listen to the market demands and needs, and adapted their strategy to the changing technology. And, now you see, there goes Nokia, no longer the leader of the pack anymore. Now, the market is already flooded with Andriod handphones, Samsung and HTC are already head on, and guess what, Nokia does not even have an Andriod handphone!

Same theory applies, in miniature gaming industry, there are many upcoming and popular companies slowing making their way up. Just remember, any wrong move, they will be the first to take that opportunity and fight on to be the next leader. After all, that’s business and marketing. Well, I am a fan of Games Workshop, certainly do not wish to see them lose the fight. Let’s hope they will realize their bad strategy this time, and make it up in the future. Cheers!

4 Responses to MWG Open Letter to GW Thoughts

  1. I thought a good comparison, at least in the US, was Major League Baseball. 40 years ago, MLB was America’s pasttime, and generally took that for granted. MLB didn’t innovate, and other sports leagues have surpassed them – certainly the NFL, and most likely NBA. MLB assumed they would always be the top sport, so they stopped doing the things that got them there. GW is the top of mini-gaming, but they have a lot more competition now. If they don’t fill their consumer’s wants, they’ll look elsewhere.

  2. Yap, lets hope GW will realize this and review their decision wisely. After all its the customers that bring about what they are. Without support and customers, where will they be? May future decision from GW be wise ones… Cheers!

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