Sad day with a new material

It is a sad night as the news for Game Workshop’s new terms and condition for online retailers is revealed. From the announcement from Maelstrom games site, retailers now can only shipped to EU countries only, which means fans like me from the Asia region will can no longer be customers of online stores like Maelstrom games and Wayland games. Sad indeed, why such policy… sigh. I been following the forum at warseer and dakkadakka for the announcements since the news came about. What a piece of news I am going to bed with, sigh. Meantime, next project, gonna start looking for online alternative….

Another official news, finally Game Workshop announced the resin rumour! Most of the metal miniatures which have disappeared from stores will re-surface as the new material Games Workshop calls Citadel “Finecast”. Not too sure exactly what the material is to be, resin I am guessing? The news at Games Workshop site mentioned the new material will be reveal on 23rd May and launch on 28 May. Probably will check back later these news and see what so exciting about the new Citadel “Finecast”. Oh, one thing that is sure, pricing is up as compared to the metals ones, another sad setback. Now, I am going to hunt for those left over metal miniatures I am missing… Cheers!

2 Responses to Sad day with a new material

  1. Too bad for GW… I was going to order just over £300 of wood elves tomorrow but this is just… argh – I remember when archaon cost £18 7 years ago and I thought he cost alot then… with the new prices he’s confirmed to be £30!!! thats almost doubled in 7 years! All the regiment boxes wen from 20 troops for £15 to 10 for £20.50… I can’t even begin to imagine how annoying it must be for people ourside the UK that have to get stuff shipped all that way AND pay GW’s prices now that you can’t use discount stores. Depending where you are in asia you could try importing from US independent stockists as they aren’t governed by the new EU trading laws.

  2. yap, over the years since I started Game Workshop miniatures, the price has increased beyond what we can imagined. I guess this new trade will loose a of fans in other parts of the world. I cant imagine how much I will be spending for my last order…sigh. Will continue to source for other online retailers in the meantime, and also now I am more open to other brand of miniatures. Cheers!