Nice Skeleton Horses

Was just browsing Games Workshop site this morning, just realized that The Tomb Kings new miniatures and army book are out released already. Fast isn’t it? Browsing around I still wished that GW had re-sculpt a nicer and better looking skeleton horse. The current range for the Tomb King skeleton horses still looked so silly and not fierce-some looking. It’s not that I wanna collect Tomb King, but I want some nice fierce-looking skeletons steeds for my Vampire Counts Black Knights conversion. In my earlier project, I just simply could not stand the old nightmare steed for my Vampire Counts Black Coach, that I had to convert them.

skeleton steeds

I came across recently that Foundry Miniatures released a new range of undead chariots, and there are skeleton steeds pulling the Chariots. I must say, these skeleton steeds are much better looking than GW’s. Probably maybe the pose could have been a more galloping looked, instead of the resting look. But still, the sculpt and bones design is much better than GW’s. I was so excited, that I was hoping they sell only the steeds, but seems like they only have it as a whole chariot ride set. Oh well, just have to keep a look out for nicer looking skeletons steed miniatures… cheers!

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