I show you how to magnetize Grey Knights Special Weapons

Special weapons options, psycannon or psilencer or incinerator? Upon examining the arms and torso of the Grey Knights miniatures assembly, I found there seems to be just enough surface area to hold a magnet for a special weapon magnetization option.

Rumbling through my bitz as I recalled I still have surplus of magnets lying around. Found my magnet having a nice size fit on the arm joint surface area of the Grey Knights. My magnets are from Gaussboys Super Magnets at size 4mm x 1mm disc magnet.

grey knight magnetization

To hold the magnet onto the arm end area, a shallow hole of diameter 4mm is needed. After much experiments, I found a faster way to remove the excess plastic materials. I found an Ikea allen key that is around the magnet diameter size. Heated up the end of the allen key over a stove flame until its super super hot. Then I pressed the hot allen key onto the plastic arm ends. This melts the plastic forming a shallow hole. Once done and the plastic turned solid, I used a penknife and trimmed off the excess plastic edges. Touch up till the magnet sits perfectly into the shallow hole. Drop in the magnet and super glue it, and one arm is done.

grey knight magnetization

For the torso of the Grey Knights, I cut a round hole around the arm section until the magnet sits perfect inside. I continue with this working method and managed to assemble 2 sets of special weapons, psycannon and psilencer.

grey knight magnetization
grey knights purifier

Now my squad of Purifier have 1 special weapons option, psycannon or psilencer. I leave my other Grey Knight having a fixed option of the psycannon. The box of Grey Knight marines only come with one psilencer, so probably I will assemble the other option with a set of incinerator option. Now… time to get these Purifiers painted… Cheers!


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