Warrior Priest’s Prayer

Finally I managed to complete the Avatar of War Warrior Priest for the Wamp Avatar of War painting contest. This is my first non Games Workshop miniature, and I sure had lot of fun painting it as well. This year will probably be the year where I will be open to more other make of miniature painting, and with contest to motivate me as well.

avatar of war warrior priest

Chose the Avatar of War’s War Priest for the contest as the Priest can be fielded among my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army later on. I was inspired by the Warhammer Mark of Chaos movie trailer where the Warrior Priest chanted his final prayers, powering up his warhammer before he charged with his last breath. Assembled the Priest in a pose where he is chanting and holding his warhammer high. Painted the warhammer in a glowing feel, along with the glow glowing over his arm and armour.

Overall, sure had a lot fun painting the Priest, especially the glow effect. Its still not exactly to my expectation and imagination, but will definitely try another project painting full glow effects to achieve better effects. Meantime, check out my entry and other contestant’s entries as well. Cheers!

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