Where are the metal miniatures?

There is this recent news and rumours that Game Workshops is slowly removing the metal miniatures from their range. Most likely the long-term is sort of to switch to plastic in the near future. Or maybe not, just read rumours from warseer there’s possibilities Game Workshops might or looking at resin.

One of the sites that had info about the status of GW stuff is here. There was already a post for the first batch of possible metal miniatures to be stopped, or repack or not available.

And guess what, there’s bad news. From the post seen here, seems like Dark Eldar miniatures are affected. I was thinking, but Dark Eldar are so new. Among the listed are the metals miniatures for the HQ and elites choices. But I have not bought them yet, cos I planning to collect Dark Eldar base on needed to paint them basis. And besides they are the new range, I was thinking they will not be affected so fast. Not too sure whether are they gonna be repack or change or stopped.

Then I did a check on the popular online stores. Wayland’s Dark Eldar HQ and elites range now belong to direct order choice. Maelstrom now don’t even have choice or stock for any of the HQ and Elites. Seem like the only option now is ordering from Game Workshop Stores. What is going on?

Still sadden by the strange stock of the metal miniatures range, personally I still feel that some of the miniatures should remain as metal miniatures. Probably the HQ or Hero Lord level should least be in the metal range. Holding the miniatures would also feels like a Lord or HQ. But I do agree that sometimes, assembling a metal miniature can be a pain and converting options are also limited as well.

Meantime, let me go digest the list further and see what metal miniatures are affected and probably I should get them before they become rare collectable items… Cheers!

2 Responses to Where are the metal miniatures?

  1. Love the site. With the prices of industrial metals skyrocketing like never before, I thought this might eventually happen. It’s a little sad, I think you lose some character and detail in plastics. Oh well.

  2. Thanks… Yap, if this turn out true, we’ll miss metal miniatures. Meantime, I gonna look around for metal mini to collect. There’s also rumours that GW is switching to resin possible. We’ll wait and see… Cheers!