No New Steed from Tomb King

Undead are coming, I was hoping for some new skeleton horse or steed sculpt miniatures from the Tomb King. Sadly, there’s no new steed to ride on, but giant Necrosphinx and snakes. Look like, I will keep a look out for ideas for nice skeletons steed sculpts for my future Black Knights…

For other bigger rides other than a typical steed and maybe a bigger snake, there is the Necrosphinx to ride upon for the upcoming new Tomb Kings. It a tough sphinx sort of monster ride with tougness of 8. Hard to kill, and everyone will wanna run away from it. Can some black powder do the trick?

Last month, the big ride was the giant Spiders for the Goblins, now the Tomb King has a giant ride as well. Seems like the recent trend from Games Workshop is like every army will start to have a giant ride? Hmm… Any giant rides for Empire and Vampires?

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