Stormtroopers, where are all of you?

Yes… the Grey Knights are finally released this weekend! My advance order should be on the long flight to me now. Probably should be receiving them by the end of next week or later.

Saw various Grey Knights army lists being experimented and listed online and also the list from the recent White Dwarf. The army list are all pure Grey Knights army list, mainly with Grey Knights and Terminators, supported with the various Dreadknights and tanks. It’s the same like the typical Grey Knight army which I listed with Daemonhunters except with… With all the hype and excitement suddenly I recall something. What happen to the Stormtroopers, or rather the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers?

Demonhunter Inquisition StormtroopersSuddenly there was no more rumours focusing on the Stormtroopers. What happen? Since the last Imperial Guards release, the Stormtroopers are sort of left out in the dark. There was not even any pictures of miniatures of the Stormtroopers in the codex. Online stores does not seem to stock even the Kasrkin. For now, the Stormtroopers and Kasrkin are only available from direct order from GW.

I still remember my first attraction to the world of 40k was the Stormtroopers, cool mask and heavy armour. In my Daemonhunter previously, I always have 2 units of Stormtroopers in Rhino, rushing forward to the heat of the fight, followed by the Grey Knights in support and to finish the job. In the new Grey Knights codex, the Inquisitor can have some sort of henchmen which can consider or be represented by the Stormtroopers. But they are still not the Stormtroopers. Just felt like there is not much choice for other troop choice besides the Grey Knights. Meantime, I will just wait for my Grey Knights Codex to arrive, and digest the fluff of it…

So, with the forecast rumours of the next few releases, I don’t see any slot for the Stormtroopers, or maybe a surprise release? Anyone has any insight or any rumours to puff along? Stormtroopers I miss you all… haha! Cheers!

5 Responses to Stormtroopers, where are all of you?

  1. yeah 🙁 there are no more IST’s

    grey knights now have only 2 troops choices 🙁 troops choices than before

    well hopefully WH can still ‘ally’ with GK and so with sneakyness you can still use IST’s

  2. You can sorta use the ISTs still, as Warrior Acolytes (part of the Inquisitorial Henchmen). Give them Hot-shot Lasguns and Carapace armour. Sadly they are BS3.

  3. yap, there’s not much troop choice, except lots of Grey Knights. The stormtrooper as warrior acolytes still feels like they are henchmen, not so much as they are as elite as stormtroopers. Let’s hop there’s surprise for the Stormtrooper to come… Cheers!

  4. Sad thing that no storm troopers is a choice anymore, but no one can deny us to play with the old army list too. Jyst as long at the friend yo play with accepts it :o) I sure love my Demon hunter army ;O)

  5. Yap, sure a sad thing. We all know the new Grey Knights don’t have any more Stormtroopers, but what about the Imperial Guards? Totally no news even in the most recent IG release. Stormtroopers where are u all? … cheers!