Tomb Kings! For skeletons…!

Oooo… Before I can finish my excitement for the upcoming Grey Knights, which is just a few days from released, the Tomb Kings comes along! Those Tomb Kings rumors can be true already. Next will be the speculation for the miniature ranges and rules rumor. Wow, all I can say for the past months Games Workshop has been releasing a lot of new miniatures! So much and too much excitement! Haha.

Anyway, before I can rejoice for the Grey Knights, my Codex and miniatures will take at least a week plus to ship to me from the online store after they are released. Guess after my Grey Knights excitement, this month May I will look forward to The Tomb Kings.

Not that I am gonna start collecting another Fantasy Tomb Kings army, but I am particularly interested if there will be any new sculpt for skeletons horses and steed. Like I mentioned before, the Vampire Count skeleton horses or steed are really silly looking. So I am hoping if there are new sculpt for skeleton steeds, probably it will open an option for conversion for Vampire Counts Black Knights. I have seen conversion using Empire and Bretonnia Knight, but I thought a cool looking skeleton steed would sums up the Black Knights, right? Oooo… for skeletons… Cheers!

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