The Tides of Battle Report

In a deep strike instant, end of the month is here already. Still, I am working on my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors, haha. I am looking forward to April’s issue of White Dwarf. Grey Knights has been in the spotlight of late, and I am looking forward to read those articles in the White Dwarf. Besides the usual fluff of the developments and origin of the Grey Knights and such, I am eager to read the battle report for the Grey Knights, which they will battle against the Chaos Daemons. Daemons are Grey Knights’ specialty, and preferred enemies. Let’s see how the battle will be fought. I am sure you can guess… right?

imperial guard and eldarBut then, if you noticed usually, in most of the battle reports for a featured race or new release race, it is usually the featured race that will win the battle. Sometimes when I see the assembled army list in the battle report, I would tend to think that the opponent list is a bad choice, and its just assembled to be weak so that the featured army could have a upper hand. Sometimes I wonder, does this lose the value of a game?

But if you think of it from a business point of view, then its a different perspective. With a new release or new race, it would be a better scenario that the featured race win the battle. This will make the race more efficient and glorious, and in term it would attract and lure more or potential gamers or collectors to start the new or featured race army. It like launching a new product, eg a camera, usually the makers or ads would sell and promote the best feature of the product. Even if there is a flaw somewhere if compared to the other competitors, the negative aspect will not be speak about. Make sense if it is from a business perspective, right? After all, GW is a business company, and I am sure we wanna see GW make money and create more exciting products. But please don’t increase the price so often… haha.

Then I came to March White Dwarf which I was reading the other day. It had an interesting battle report for Warhammer, featuring the Orks new release vs the Bretonnia and Dwarfs. Before I turn the pages to read, I was guessing, new spiders, sure the new spiders wack all the knights and dwarfs. Hey, I was surprised that the battle was won by the Bretonnia and Dwarf. The last turn 5 and 6 was a decisive sort of battle as to who would be the winner. Quite an interesting read though, with another though striking me. Maybe Bretonnia are coming soon, of late, there’s been little bitz of Bretonnia featured here and online… hmmm… This bring me to… wow… I still have not even open my Bretonnia army deal… haha. Cheers!

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