The Story of Wet Palette

The first time I came across the idea of wet palette from articles online was like quite a while back. Did not really bother to try out. Thought that my usual paint and palette would just be fine to go for the painting activities I am having.

Then I came across wet palette again, when I saw Rowney Stay Wet palette paper. It was the concept of a wet palette. Bought a simple paint tray and cut the Rowney’s membrane and reservoir paper to fit my tray. First impression was that, the reservoir paper seems like it will hold moisture and water well, but the membrane paper felt very much like a wax paper, was wondering are you sure it will work…? Anyway, I tried the set up, and my paint still dry out as usual. Rowney’s wet palette paper does not seems to work, and I gave up the idea of wet palette.

wet palette paper

It was until I read another article about wet palette from BOLS that I decided to try it out once again. Parchment paper was recommended for the wet palette set up. I recalled that my work place having a baking shop selling all sort of baking need, and I bought a roll of parchment paper to try.

parchment paper

For the reservoir paper, I used back Rowney reservoir paper, it seems to hold moisture and water well. Other paper like serviette, kitchen roll or any good moisture holding paper would be good. So, the set up is like this… tray followed by reservoir paper, splashes of water to wet the reservoir paper then followed by parchment paper.

wet palette

Tested the wet palette. Drop a drop of paint on the palette and went back about hours later to see, the paint is still wet. Finally, its works! I spend the probably about an hour and a half in the afternoon painting my Dark Eldar, mixing and blending, the painting still stays wet and good.

wet palette

Managed to blend and outline my Dark Eldar turquoise armour for that hour plus period without taking any extra paint out. Now, to get more painting done, and more paint saved…. Cheers!

4 Responses to The Story of Wet Palette

  1. Haha, yap, was just too comfortable with my usual painting methods. Only recently thought of trying. Well, turned out well with my second attempt, cheers!

  2. Another tip is get a Tupperware box, sponge, kitchen towel and baking paper. Fill Tupperware box with some water, let sponge soak it up, lay the kitchen towel on the wet sponge and the baking paper on top of that. Nice wet palette. And when finished put the Tupperware box lid back on and the paint can last for days.