Ordering the New Grey Knights

Just as I was pondering what to buy for my Grey Knights collection, I suddenly recalled that Wayland Games had their free shipping promotion extended. I think the promotion still has about 4 days left. Advance order the Grey Knights is definitely gonna save some money.

The Promotion code for Wayland Games Free Shipping is : FREESHIP

Check out Wayland Games here. I did a price check with some of the other online stores, you will have an average saving of 10 pounds. Wow, that a good saving, and I think I am gonna get my stuff from Wayland.

After much pondering, and tempted by the discount, I think I will just get all the new items, the Grey Knights, Dreadknights, Lord Kaldor, Terminators and the Codex. For the Grey Knights, probably I will assemble them into the Purifiers or Purgation Squad and add a little conversion. The troop choice think I will stick to my metal one probably.

However, on second look at the Grey Knights, I am sort of growing a little OK with them. Guess I was fussy about the eye and collar sculpt section, but I notice some of the head sculpts having a smaller eye and bigger eye variation. Probably will have to wait till I receive the miniature then I will evaluate again. But the block bolter and the bolter clip is still a disappointment.

Meantime, let me head to the online stores and indent for reinforcements, Cheers!

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