More Grey Knights

With the Grey Knights excitement getting more, and more miniatures to add on to my Grey Knights collection, over the weekend I ran an inventory check at my painting shop to see actually how many Grey Knights I still have lying around. Gosh, bring back memories to where I first started 40k, which Daemonhunters is my first 40k army.

more grey knights

I still have about 19 Grey Knights, including 5 incinerator Grey Knights, 2 terminators and a box of Inquisitor Cortez. I think at that time, I wanted to form a unit of 5 Fast Attack Grey Knights with 2 incinerator for deep strike mission. Land a hit for deep strike, and with 2 incinerators to burn down the enemies, that hot! Guess the project did not really managed to get started, haha. More Grey Knights to come with the new release coming soon!

And my order of Stormraven and Dark Eldar Raider are on the way, haha. Couldn’t resist not getting a Dark Eldar Raider for my current WIP Kabalite warriors, haha! Cheers!

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