Inquisition Grey Knights thoughts V

The prophecy for Grey Knights are becoming clearer and clearer. Over the pass months, there have been lots of analysis and speculation for the Grey Knights. Among the whole rumours and information, some fans have even assemble an army list of the fore-coming Grey Knights basing on all the rumoured information. Bell of lost Souls have a list of all the post of all the rumours and exciting news here.

grey knightsThe other good news, there is rumour that the Grey Knights will be previewed on 25 March, and hitting the stores around early April. So somewhere in the middle of March, or earlier we are most likely to have the Grey Knights stuff on advance order or so… Cool… its getting so exciting. Check out Faeit 212 and Grey Knights by Xethik mention of the rumours…

As for the rules and details of the Grey Knights, as usual, I prefer to surprise myself with the Codex in hand when it is released. I am more concern about the miniatures range though. Did some planning and thinking to plan for what possible miniatures to get.

I will definitely get the new plastic Grey Knights and Terminators to add on to my collection. HQ choice will most likely to have new miniatures for Commanders, Inquisitor Characters, etc. That will be quite a few blisters already. Then there are the new sort of Grey Knights Paladin, the new walker and Stormraven. I think on an estimate the cost could easily choke up to about £200.

Then as I was browsing GW site, suddenly I had thoughts maybe I should get some of the Daemonhunter miniatures before they are removed… hmmm… more miniatures to buy.


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