Skeletons for thoughts and an army of Lego

I was wondering on the net trying to find pictures and inspirations on how actually does a skeleton steed look like, basing drawing or any artist impressions. Well, suddenly I was having thoughts of skeletons knights for my Vampire Counts army. Haha, even though I am working on my Dark Eldar now, thoughts of undead still rings in my brain, haha.

The current Black Knights for the Vampire Counts does not appeal to me at all. The skeleton knights are still… ok, but the skeleton steed completely looked silly and rigid. I was thinking of maybe I could convert my own Black Knights, and I have seem couple of conversions using Empire and Bretonnia Knights. The knights are not an issue, but I would prefer a skeleton steed, rather than a flesh steed. Then I looked at Tomb Kings skeleton steed, they are also not so appealing as well. But, the Tomb Kings are awakening soon, so I am looking forward to new sculpt for my skeleton steed conversion.

While I was looking for pictures of skeleton steed, I tumbled upon a site featuring fantasy knights army, but its army not with our usual miniatures, but knights and army using Lego. Yap, Lego, this guy collects Lego Knights and castle series, and he assembled regiments of Knights, Archers, Foot Solider, all in regiments like in Warhammer. And there are war machines as well. Cool isnt it! Check it out here!. And there’s this stone entrance to the Dwarf city… WOW!

Wow… guess we are all passionate about our hobbies. Just as if we show someone one who does not know anything about miniatures, they will all be wow as well. So, faith to our hobby, passion to our hobby… FOR THE EMPEROR! and.. back to more painting… cheers!

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