Dark Eldars 2nd wave thoughts

Dark Eldar fever again. With the recent news and advanced order for the Dark Eldar Beastmaster and his fiends, the mood for Dark Eldar is back again. When the news for the advanced order for Dark Eldar came about, I was hoping for some new miniatures for the heavy support units and fast attack units. But it turned out there are only the Beastmaster and his fiends.

Not too much into the Dark Eldar Beastmaster though, just felt that they are very beastial feel, which is all right as it should be. I have always imagined my Dark Eldar army to be swift with many Kabalite Warriors, Wyches and Raiders swishing everywhere. Just felt that these Beasts does not fit into the theme of my Dark Eldar army. And so the excitement is not so exciting afterall.

The body of the beasts design, the Beastmaster, Clawed Fiend, Khymera all looks fit and aggressive, just that the head design, I thought it feels like a bowling ball with holes poke kind of feeling. (And I finally recalled that the idea seems to be inspired from the creatures from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.) Would prefer a more fierce aggressive and solid kind of head design though. The Succubus is nicely done. She is firm and aggressive, and ready to command. Probably will get her as one of my HQ later on.

Meantime, seem like this year is a year of many releases, just wait around for the next wave, if there is any… Cheers!

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