Incoming Tomb Kings

Gosh this year gonna be exciting with lots of new releases… Another rumour gonna be true, the Tomb Kings are coming in May. So I guess after the excitement for the Grey Knights in April, Tomb Kings will be next in the line.

Excerpt from Game Workshop site …

An ancient race that has lain dormant for thousands of years, the Tomb Kings now awaken from within their ancient burial pyramids. Cheated from the eternal life that they were promised, the Tomb Kings are instead doomed to an eternal undeath – awakened they thirst for vengeance against those who would disturb their slumber.

At the command of these undying lords march legions of implacable Skeleton Warriors, hosts of chariots crewed by long-dead crewmen and towering statues carved from unyielding stone.

The armies of the Tomb Kings are vast, unstoppable hordes that know neither fear nor remorse – and they shall not rest until all who stand against them are laid low.

This May Warhammer: Tomb Kings is released, containing everything you need to use the legions of Nehekhara in your games of Warhammer…

I am a little excited about it too… More solely I am looking forward to the new skeletons warriors for Tomb Kings. The Vampire Counts skeleton warriors were nicely sculpted, looking forward to see how the Tomb Kings ones will be like. Probably can use them for some conversion or so… Then the skeletal steeds should be re-sculpted… the current skeletal steeds are so silly looking… Cheers!

2 Responses to Incoming Tomb Kings

  1. Yeah, I’m also quite happy about this. GW has only release 2 armys since 8th edition came out, in a year! Can’t understand why so little support. Nice to see the TK players get some love.

  2. Yap… new armies to look forward to, even though I don’t collect them, but its fun to follow the rumours, news and release… right?