I feel Grey… I feel Green…

Argh… Grey Knights! Gosh, I am so excited. I am sure by now there are already quite a few posts on the leaked pictures of the Grey Knights from www.heresy-online.net. Check out the pictures here at the forum.

For confirmation as it is, Stormraven is confirm to be in the Grey Knights forces. I was wondering the other day, I know the Stormraven comes with the Inquisition symbol that can be custom on the Stormraven, but does the Stormraven kit comes with extras Grey Knights heads/body options for the pilot and the gunner? Anyone who bought the kit already can share?

Then again, who is actually piloting the Stormraven in the Grey Knights, Marines or Servitors or Grey Knights?

The Dreadknight in the Grey Knights now we know its a walker, and its actually taller than the Landraider. I thought it feels much like a robot sort like Tau Crisis Battlesuit or maybe Gundam. Probably with its long legs design, I was thinking maybe the rule for the Dreadknights would able it to jump around and shoot like the Tau battlesuit. Still, excited and definitely looking forward to it.

The Green feel… haha. We all know by now, the Orcs and Goblins are on the way for fantasy Warhammer. I thought the new Savage Orc feels kind of tall as I always had the impression of Orcs being not so tall but burly like the usual Orc regiments. What I noticed also is, about few days or so before I received the emailer for the incoming of Orcs, on GW site there was already small picture of Goblin. The Goblins were like pushing the GW sites buttons or so. Now that its official for advance order, on GW site you can see the Orc and Goblin have “tear apart” the GW site buttons. I was thinking maybe when Grey Knights are coming soon, there might some pictures signs like the orcs… haha.

Meantime, let me drool over the Grey Knights pictures… cheers!


2 Responses to I feel Grey… I feel Green…

  1. from what I recall, the stormraven’s pilot is the standard techmarine body you get as a gunner on any space marine tank.

  2. Thanks… probably have to wait and see in the codex who pilots the Stormraven, before deciding any conversion…. cheers!