White Dwarf and Stormraven

Managed to get my hands on the Feb copy of the White Dwarf. This copy has lots of stuff on the Blood Angel Stormraven, along with the stats and info for the Stormraven. You dont wanna miss this copy of the White Dwarf if Stormraven have been haunting you, haha.

All the pictures, Stormraven and Blood Angels sure made me very excited. Seeing the amazing pict of the Blood Angels army along with the Stormraven in the skies, it did trigger a slight thought maybe I could collect Blood Angels, haha. Just a thought though, but if I were to commit to a Space Marine army, it would be Black Templar.

With the exact info on the Stormraven in the White Dwarf, in term of points, I still think on an average of 2000 points army for the Grey Knights, the maximum probably is having about 2 Stormravens. That would leave about 1600 plus points left for the rest of the guys. A few more of options of tanks and dreadnoughts, will leave not much points left for the troops, considering most of the guys in Grey Knights are costly. There is a list in the White Dwarf for the Blood Angels having 2 Stormravens at 2000 points army, it seems interesting as well. Probably the Grey Knights army will be around like this, minus maybe a unit of marines less or so…

There is the battle report between Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, which will be an interesting read for the use of the Stormraven. As a fan for Dark Eldar, I was excited to see Dark Eldar battles as well, but as for the results, from a marketing point of view, you know who is the winner for the battle… haha. Cheers!


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