Which part of the miniature to paint first?

Slow start for 2011. Been caught up with many chores and events recently. Still trying hard to get as much painted as possible.

I was just reading some books and articles on painting and such. I noticed that everyone have a different preference on which part of the miniature to paint first. Hmmm…

For me, normally, I like to start from the bottom upwards. After the usual base coating, usually I like to work my way up, starting from the boots, from coat to the final highlights. Then I move on to the pants or body part or so. I always like to save painting the face and eyes last. Its like saving the best for last, cos once the face and eyes are done, the miniature feels like it has life, along with the great sense of satisfaction.

One of the preference I read, was to paint the eye first. I don’t like that, even with the eye painted and the rest unpainted, the feeling is very different from every part done and then the eye. Guess I will just stick to my preference, saving the best last, haha. On second thought, maybe I should try how it does feel, one of these painting days… haha.

One tip I read though, areas that needs to be dry brush should be done first, cos if it spills dry brush onto other areas, it can be clean up when painting those spilled areas. I have always save dry brush last, though I know if not careful, it might accidentally spread the dry brush onto other area, which will need to be clean later.

I guess there is no right or wrong as to which part to start, but its your own preference and choice. But the trick is to start a part first which will minimize any error, or a part first which if there is error it can be cover later on when painting.

Anyway, anyone care to share their preferences on which part of the miniature they start with? Cheers!

5 Responses to Which part of the miniature to paint first?

  1. I always seem to do the areas that need the most paint first. So thats usually armour, or clothes. Then I do the next colour on the armour if it needs it, then flesh and other bits.

  2. I’ve started from every angle and the best I’ve found is to start with the areas nearest the hardest to reach places. Includes areas like under arms and chest area when the arms are crossed/joined in same way. That way any over brushing can be clean up as its on the outside of the model which is easier to reach.

    Other things to note are areas that will collect paint when you wash them. Eg, recesses of armour and cloth, knees and elbow joins etc. I try to get these done all at once and then it leaves only the final highlight.

    Lastly, metallic finishes can come through other coats of paint, so its worth doing these early on and blacking out or recoating anywhere you over brush.