Which Army Should I Collect?

Which army should I collect? Hmm… I guess that is a usual question most of us would have asked when starting this miniature painting and gaming hobby. I too, asked this question before. Come to think of it, its been a long time since I need to answer this question.

If you asked anyone, everyone would have a different opinions on which army to collect, paint and game. This reminds me of my hobby story of how my question of which army to start was answered.

After I was introduced to this miniature hobby, I did my research and try to understand the Warhammer world, before diving into any purchase. At that time, I was very into Fantasy, the 40k bug have not hit me yet and the thought of science fiction did not seem to lure me as well. But I know I am very into Fantasy, mostly influence from Dungeons and Dragons. I know I like the human race and I like Knights. With these 2 criteria in mind, I am only left with the Empire and Bretonnia. At that time, Bretonnia was in a sort of rumour state of possible new release, I was advice probably not to consider Bretonnia, probably wait for the new release. That leaves me with only the Empire, and that was how Empire came into my collection. Still loving it till this day. My first purchase for painting was the Pistolier. Once I started painting, there is no stopping, till this day… haha. That’s how I got my first army decided. I think the important thing in choosing would still be to choose what you like best.

stormtrooperIn the choice for my 40k army, I recalled that it was the miniatures and the fluff in the 40k universe that captured me. When I was introduced to 40k after my Empire, Daemonhunters just got released. The stormtrooper captured my attention, then then Grey Knights. I like those masked troopers kind of soldiers, the stormtrooper definitely says it all. And after reading the fluff, wow, I am dead on that I am into the Daemonhunters. And… April is the month I eagerly await, Codex Grey Knights… Talking about stormtroopers, no new or rumours about them recently?

Maybe someone might say, I like a strong and powerful army, so which race is strong and powerful and that is the one I choose. Try not to fall this type of choice, I believe that there is no strong and powerful race, every race have its strength and weakness. So, it more of how you assemble your army to balance it to maximize its strength, and minimize its weakness. Maybe below these few questions can help one decide…

1. What race do you like in the world of Warhammer or 40K? Maybe can read up a little fluff to understand the races and world before you can side with a preferred race. Know their strength and weakness, and also their battle tactics and such. This would help in making the decision.

2. Do like to be the good guy or bad guy? Once this question is answered, the choices are filtered and you would know which race to pick…

3. Do you like quality or quanlity army, shooty tactics or close combat tactics.. etc? Consider these gaming tactics as well, cos they would determine which race offer the gaming opportunities you would like. Fine tune and balance off with the race you might like…

4. Is there a lot of different type of miniatures to paint? You might favour certain creatures or miniatures of such, sometime certain race would offer different painting opportunities for the creatures or miniatures you like…

5. If you have a group of gaming buddies, sometimes its good to put into consideration whether your buddies have or do not have a particular race. It would be exciting to battle different races among your group rather than fighting the same races, right?

Well, at the end of the day, there is no best army, but its your decision and choice basing on your likes, in choosing an army that is best for you. Spend enough time reading up and research, this would definitely help in coming to the decision. Anyone has any first army decision experience to share? Cheers!


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