Painting Plans 2011

Been 2 weeks into the year 2011 already. Past deadline already, time to have some plans, target and resolution for the year 2011.

My plans and resolution for 2010 did not hit my objective much. I am only pretty happy with my Vampire Count army, which is almost three quarter into completion, though it was supposed to be completed in 2010. Imperial Guards have been slow, with the vehicles still in the queue.

So let me get into the plans for 2011. Will list out what I target to get it completed. Below are the miniatures involved…

Vampire Counts
10 more skeleton warriors
5 Wraith
5 blood knights

Steam Tank
Great Swords
Captain on Griffon

Will be the last last miniature on the list.

Imperial Guards
4 Tanks
3 Valkyrie
Regimental Advisors
10 Cadian Guardsman
3 Heavy Weapon Squads

Grey Knights
More to paint after April 2011 release
1 Terminator (an extra been sitting on my painting table for years, with the new release coming, got the hype to get this terminator done, haha…)

Dark Eldar
9 Kabalite warriors
Will adopt a paint finish then purchase plan.

Will hold them till the next release or last on the list as well.

Other Brand/Make Miniatures
Been distracted and looking at other brand of miniatures recently. Probably will start few other make of miniatures more for painting than for gaming.

Quite a lot of project and miniatures to paint. Hopefully there’s not too much distraction and temptation to discourse my 2011 painting plan. Meantime, maybe I draft them into a diagram map to remind me of the 2011 painting plan. Now, let me get back to my Black Coach and Nightmares… Cheers!

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