Incoming! Grey Knights!

Grey Knights TerminatorsIncoming! Grey Knights!


Wow, I am sooo excited! Got an incoming emailer from Games Workshop today! Guess what, its Grey Knights! I see light now, wow, haha. Gosh, am I excited. Here is what is written from the emailer…

We are the warriors of the Grey Knights, armoured in Faith, shielded by Devotion and armed with Purity of Purpose. But greater even than these, we carry the light of the divine Emperor of Man into the dark places to purge the daemonic wherever it may be found.’ – Brother-Captain Stern of the Grey Knights, Prior to the Purging of Xoedic Binary 978.M41

In April the Grey Knights, an elite and secretive Chapter of Space Marines, will stand ready to fight the forces of Chaos and the horrors of the Warp with new reinforcements. Take a look at the Astronomican today to see the Studio’s Incoming! article for more information about the legendary heroes that are the Grey Knights.

Finally, Grey Knights have a confirmed answer. It will be Codex:Grey Knights. They will deep strike in April 2011. There will an exciting selection of new plastic models, as mentioned in the article. My mind is already imagining all the possible plastic kits that it would be, and all the possible new pose and conversion that can be assembled and converted! Time to get ready and rearrange my painting plans, and count my gold coins… haha.

Will be an exciting April and May! Gosh, been a while since I see you, Brother Captain Stern! Get ready for deep strike! Cheers! Gosh I am excited… haha!


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