Random thoughts for 2011 starter

Wow, been a busy 2011 head start for me. My son started his primary school this year. Have been busy the past few days helping him get used to the super early morning wake up and new school routines. This will be on-going for the next few years to come, along with more serious school works and such. I myself is adjusting to the super early wake up as well, haha, getting ready to to cope with his school work and teaching him. Gosh, gonna be a busy year and more to come. On the other hand, as he grow older, he will be ready to battle warhammer or 40k with me, haha…

Anyway, been stealing time here and there to work on my Vampire Counts Black Coach. Still messing with the carriage part. Looking forward to paint the converted nightmares as well. Hopefully I can get all done by next week or so.

Have a slight kick in getting into painting competition as well. Saw a competition for painting dragons, hmm… Been looking around for dragon miniatures to consider. Games Workshops does not have any nice dragons to consider, besides those from High Elf and Lord of the Rings range. Anyone has any suggestion for other make brand of dragon miniatures?

The year ended with the Grey Knights rumour chatters which got me excited, but was short lived. Seems like the speculation date for the Grey Knights in April or so region might be getting it push back. This is due to the Dark Eldar 2nd wave is probably getting all their possible models release in this April region as well. Which leaves to conclude that the Grey Knights will get push back further.

Well, on the plus side, more time to save and get ready as I mention always before. But a thought of temptation strike me, maybe I could mess around with the Dark Eldar while waiting for the Inquisition, haha. Seems like a good idea, haha. Let me work around a list to see what to complete a 1.5k to 2k Dark Eldar army.

imperial guard and eldar

Meantime, the Imperial Guards Command Squad managed to corner a last Dark Eldar standing…

“Fire!” commanded the Imperial Guard Commander…


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