Happy New Year!

imperial guard flamer happy new year

Wishing everyone a good year ahead, Happy New Year! Cheers!

Time flies and 2010 have just slipped by. Time for 2011. Looking back, 2010 have been a good year with The Painting Shop, with posts hitting pass 100, and traffic growing every month. Thank you everyone for the support, cheers!

Objectives and targets for my painting adventures I think I will need to push myself harder in 2011. I am glad my Warhammer Vampire Counts army is like almost near to completion. My Imperial Guards have not been progressing well, and Warhammer Empire add-on miniatures have been slow as well. Really need to buck up more!

Definitely 2011 will have to push myself harder in getting more miniatures done. Dark Eldar, Grey Knights and maybe other make of miniatures are coming up in my list of miniatures as well… Wow… more miniatures to paint…

Meantime, let me ponder more into the to-paint-list resolutions for 2011. Thanks again everyone for the support… any comments and suggestion are welcome… cheers! and… Happy New Year! and…


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