Unboxing Warhammer 40k Ultramarine Movie

Finally, after the long waited released date and the delay, I received my Warhammer 40k Ultramarine DVD movie yesterday. Was so excited about it, can’t bear to watch it so fast, decided to save it for movie time for probably the weekends or so, haha.

I was pretty excited about unboxing and opening the Ultramarine package, here goes. Well, first, the package came to my mailbox with some dent and damage to one of the corners of the package, which impacted the box package as well. Guess, 3+ armour save score a miss this time, haha. Felt a bit heart pain, but I told myself nevermind, let’s hope the movie itself will take away the pain when I watch it.

unbox ultramarine dvd

The box is wrapped in a sleeve bearing the same picture design as the package box. Upon the sleeve being removed, the DVD case and the special edition graphic novel can be slide out of the sturdy slipcase.

The hardback graphic novel is the same size as a typical DVD case. I was expecting the hardback graphic novel maybe be of a typical comic book size or slightly bigger than the DVD case. This does not gives the graphic novel the impactful feel as compared to a typical comic book size graphic novel. If the graphic novel is of a typical graphic novel size, and with the Ultramarine illustration, the impact and impression would have been better.

unboxing ultramarine dvd

The DVD case has a metal cover with the Ultramarine logo symbol. Upon opening the DVD case, it is just actually metal sheets wrapped in a typical DVD plastic case. I was expecting a much solid feel for the case as to just a typical metal wrapped in plastic case.

Overall, I was expecting a more solid feel for a special edition DVD release. This one just leave me an impression of it looking good only, but does not have a solid and impressive feel. Not much of an issue though, just my level of expectation for a special edition release is not met. Next, would be the movie itself, stayed tuned as I prepare popcorns for a weekend movie session with the Ultramarines… cheers!

Updated : Finally I watched the Ultramarine movie, check out my review here.


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