More Grey Knights chatters here and there. Hmm… seems like the Inquisition is getting nearer and nearer, haha.

Read from BOLS news rumour about Vindicare, which reminded me about my assassins. When I started my Daemonhunters way back, I got 2 assassins painted. The Vindicare sniper assassin and the Callidus Temple Assassin.


The rumour new rules for Vindicare is the ammo for the exitus rifle is unlimited. Haha, which means, previously he was issued with limited ammo only. Anyway, as far as I recalled when I played with the Vindicare assassin, I never had a chance of using up all my ammo. The most is used up only 1 or 2 of the special ammo before he is killed. And worst if he missed the shot with the special ammo, there goes the special ammo…

Usually because of the fact that the special ammo is limited, I would planned moves carefully and move him into the correct position to snip important characters. Don’t wanna waste the special ammo. Well, maybe with the rumour new rules, don’t have to consider so much about the limited ammo, but can just go ahead and snip out whichever character is around. Miss nevermind, still got more special ammo… haha


I did not really like the Callidus Assassin miniature at that time when I started the Daemonhunters, so I had the idea of converting my own Callidus Assassin. Hmm… looking at the Callidus assassin miniature range now, hmm, maybe she alright after all, haha.

Anyway, at that time I decided that the Callidus probably be in a female form, with all the polymorphine tech stuff. So I took a Dark Elf assassin and converted him to a her assassin. Added the long hair and female assets with green stuff. The neural shredder was converted with a flamer head. Come of think of it, I should have converted it to a more alien looking gun. Now I look at her, its much like a hand flamer, though it uses the flamer template to shoot… haha. Don’t think I will change her, will just love her as she is… haha.

Will there be new assassin miniatures? What do you all think? Cheers!


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  1. Thanks… these were done when I started Daemonhunter way back. Looking forward to see if there are new miniatures for these and the Daemonhunters. Cheers!