Inquisition Grey Knights thoughts IV

Grey Knights TerminatorsOf recent chatters and rumours, there have been a lot of chats for the Inquisition Grey Knights. Being an Inquisition fan ever since I started into this hobby, I am definitely very very excited about it. Have been speculating the release for a while already.

As I mentioned before, January 2011 is the Skaven schedule already, followed by Blood Angels in February 2011. Both are pretty confirmed with the incoming emailer from Games Workshop already. I thought usually GW release is on alternate with Fantasy and 40K release. Cos if January is fantasy Skaven, February is 40k blood Angels, can March be another 40k release? Or will it be another Fantasy release in March, then we will see the Grey Knights after… hmm.

Anyway, I shall not go much into the details of the rumours about the rules and miniatures for the Grey Knights. Its already all over the BOLS, warseer forum and many of the other fans blog as well. Usually I will still enjoy and accept what the release of the Codex will be.

But there is a weak rumour element in the rumours though. Its the Stormtrooper. I am a fan of the Stormtrooper, they are also one of the cool miniatures that caught my attention when I first started 40k. So far, the rumours for the Stormtroopers have not been very clear. Much is said maybe there might not be, maybe there might be, no one can confirm though. But I still think Game Workshop definitely won’t leave the Stormtrooper out. It’s also a missing element in the Imperial Guards release. It is not feature in the codex at all. So, my forecast is still, there has to be the Stormtrooper release somewhere along the line.

Well, I still have about 3 months to prepare for the Inquisition, and meantime 2010 is ending soon, trying hard to target to get my Vampire Count army completed. Cheers!


2 Responses to Inquisition Grey Knights thoughts IV

  1. It seems like March will be Orcs & Goblins. Hopefully April, my fingers are crossed.

    Also, a bit random, but have you ever done a painting guide for your Grey Knights? They are gorgeous. I usually like a brighter look, but I can help but drool when seeing yours.

  2. Thanks… Let’s hope April 2011 will be the month of the Inquisitions. Hmm… been a while since I painted a Grey Knight though, I hear a terminator calling… haha. Thanks cheers!