Dark Eldar Painting Contest Vote

dark eldar kabalite warrior“Argghh… feel the Pain… join me in my prize catch, join me…”

Finally my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior painting contest entry is now on Spikey Bits site. Cool and motivating to see other entries as well. Definitely motivated me to get my squad of 10 completed. Add on a Raider for transport with be nice… haha!

Vote for my entries! Click here!

Last day is 1 Dec 2010… Vote for my entries! Thanks everyone! Cheers!

5 Responses to Dark Eldar Painting Contest Vote

  1. can you please show us how to paint the original green highlight scheme?
    Its showed on the gm website. I’m new to 40k and i would like to play dark eldar.
    Its shown how to paint on the gm website but its inaccurate. Thanks, love the paint job!