One Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior

After much anticipation, I managed to get hold on a box of Dark Kabalite warrior from my local store on Tuesday. I know the price is much more, but… I treat it as paying a little extra to get hold of the box immediately. Just really needed to start painting the Kabalite Warriors if I wanna join the contest.

At first, I thought maybe I will paint a squad of minimum 5 Kabalite warriors. But with the flicker mind of mine and I wanted to test colours here and there, think I will just manage 1 Kabalite warrior for the contest, probably with some minor conversion.

After much testing and mixing of colour, and flicker between green and blue theme, I decided to stay in between, Turquoise colour theme. Still in the mid of painting the single Kabalite warrior, stay tuned…

And guess what, finally finally after 2 weeks from the release date, my Dark Eldar Codex arrived in my mailbox. Now, let me calm my excitement and digest the codex… and then back to the Kabalite warrior… cheers!

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