Missing Dark Eldar

I was at my local gaming store last week, saw the actual Dark Eldar miniatures being displayed. They were incredible, and the details were amazing. Was hesitating whether to get a box and paint first or getting them from the online stores. Getting from the online stores is much cheaper as compare to my local stores. Well, its slight higher price vs waiting time.

Then I saw Spikey Bits site have a painting contest for the Dark Eldar, thought it would a great opportunity to paint the Dark Eldar. I thought I will be just get the Eldar from from local store to cut the waiting time so that I can start painting them for the 22 Nov deadline. But my local store is out of stock for the basic Kabalite Warriors, oh no. Ordering from online will not make it in time.

Well… hope that there’s restock soon early next week at my local store. If not, guess I will just miss the contest, and paint the Dark Eldar later on…

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