Sticky Vampire Count Varghulf

Been held up by work recently. Well.. it near to end of the week already, managed to steal some time between my work schedule past few days and assemble my Vampire Count Varghulf.

Oh ya, as usual, assembling metal model miniature sometimes can be a big headache. The joining part are usually not well fused together, making the surface area very little contact. Thus, when applying the super glue, cos of the little surface area contact, it takes a while to join, dry and glue the metal parts together. Had a messy time with this Varghulf, before I started, I was telling myself, try not get any super glue on my fingers, but it turn out the opposite, I ended with messy super glue all over my fingers… had a hard time trying to clean up my hands and fingers.


When the metal model miniature is dried, the next part are the gaps between the joints in the miniature. They will need patching up, green stuff is applied to patch up the gaps. Actually applying the green stuff to patch the gaps is quite fun, I guess sticking the metal parts with super glue and having a messy hands is not what I usually would enjoy… haha. Anyone have any sticky glue experience to share?

Now, everything is dried, let me get back to getting the Varghulf alive with colours! Cheers!

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