I show you how to add White Wolves Cape on Calvary

For the Empire Knights White Wolves which I completed recently, I had White Wolves capes on all my Empire Knights.

The cape comes as a straight flow cape in the standard sprue, if the cape were to be assembled on the Knights on the calvary, the cape will need to be sort of folded upward or in a flow or fold that would rest on the horse back.

warhammer empire white wolves capeTo sort of convert or bend the White Wolves cape, first, I hold the cape with a tweezer over a lighter flame at a reasonable distance, not too near as this will melt the plastic, but at a suitable distance where the heat would soften the plastic cape. Once the plastic cape is soften, bend or fold it with a tweezer. Place it over the Knight back and see if it fits or so. If not, just repeat the steps again, but be careful not to melt the plastic cape.

warhammer empire white wolves capeOnce the plastic cape is harden, paint it and assemble on the back of the Empire Knights White Wolves, and White Wolves, Charge! Cheers!

2 Responses to I show you how to add White Wolves Cape on Calvary

  1. Brilliant job…really topnotch! 🙂
    I never knew that GW’s plastics were made from the type of plastic that lends toward bending with heat as opposed to just melting and burning…was always too timid to attempt it.