White Wolves Charge!

Just when I had my 30 Warhammer Empire swordmen charging into battle, haha, I realized that I got 2 Warhammer Empire Knights White Wolves left behind unpainted. I had my unit of 8 Empire Knights White Wolves done quite awhile back, added 2 more Empire Knights to make a unit of 10 awhile back in the 7th edition time range. With the latest Empire army book, White Wolves are not longer as a unique core choice, but it is represented as Knightly Orders armed with great weapons.

empire knights white wolvesAfter the 2 Empire Knights were basecoat black, they have been stuck on the shelves among the back ranks. Still in a recent mood to complete those units or troops that are having few outstanding ones, I finally took them out from the ranks and painted them. And finally the 2 Warhammer Empire Knights White Wolves are all painted up, forming a unit of 10 White Wolves or Knightly Orders with Great Weapons. Managed to get the movement tray textured and painted as well!

empire knights white wolvesempire knights white wolves

White Wolves charge! FOR SIGMAR!

One Response to White Wolves Charge!

  1. I think White Wolves might charge for ULRIC, unlike most other knights :).

    Nice job on the painting.