Inquisition Grey Knights Thoughts III

daemonhunter grey knightsSeems like the Inqusition and the Grey Knights possibly will be deep striking probably in March 2011. BOLs has a compilation of the recent Inqusition and Grey Knights chatters, deep strike here, haha.

Upon going through the details of the compilation, there are the details of the Stormtroopers and sign of Troops like conscript and penal legion. I am still anticipating for new stormtrooper miniatures. With these sort of mixture like of Imperial Guard elements in the fore coming Grey Knights, guess having no external allies may or maybe not seem so bad. Will have to feel how it is like when its released. Still I am more interested in the stormtrooper.

Another thing that is rumoured to be gone, is the demonhost. Gosh, what am I gonna do with the 3 demons lying in my Inquisition strong hold chamber, haha. Since they wont be purging their own kind, maybe they can be some help in cleaning up the Inquisition chambers, and The Painting Shop, haha, or just purge them to the warp…haha. Guess there wont be any radical Inquisition or radical Inquisition play in a game of 40k…

Was reading a post from Warpstone Flux regarding his concern for the Grey Knights. He is a demon & chaos player, guess he would want a balance new Grey Knights to balance with his type, not a super power Grey Knights that would put his type to a disadvantage, right?

Well, I am a Inquisition player and collector, I would definitely also want a balance new Grey Knights to match the new demon and chaos, that would create a balance and exciting game play, right? The new demons and chaos are already getting powerful and more fluff, I would want a balance Grey Knights as well, not a too powerful or a weak new version, but a balance one to have a fair and good fight battle. It wouldn’t be fun if the new Grey Knights are like super power and always win, where is the fun then, right?

Like I say, I have now till around March 2011 to stock up my gold coins…haha. Cheers!


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