More Rats Coming!

Wow, got the Games Workshop mailer yesterday, was pretty excited about the next incoming toys to look forward to, but, it turn out to be the rats… more rats, Skaven! Guess Games Workshop is still in the mood to breed more rats, haha, this probably is the second wave of the Skaven release along with the Island of Blood and the High Elves.

I was looking forward to the rumour of the Grey Knights coming true though. Speculation was that it will be in early of 2011, January possibly, but it turn out to be Skaven first. Hmmm, maybe after the Skaven will be the Grey Knights? The order would be Nov & Dec its already 40k Dark Eldar, so maybe Jan is Fantasy Skaven, thereafter then it will be 40k turn, but will it be Grey Knights? Well, time will tell…

If its after January period, on the positive side, that would give me more time to gather and save up more gold coins to fund my Inquisition and Grey Knights… haha.

For the Emperor!

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