Do you give your miniatures names?

Was browsing the web and forums, where there was some discussion about themed army and naming your army and such, suddenly it occur to me that its been a while since I named any of my miniatures.

So, do you give your characters in your miniatures a name? Well, to some, maybe it might sound silly giving names to miniatures, but think about it, in fact in life, everything has a name attached to it, right? Just that we have a unique name attached to us which can use to identify and address us. If you think about it, little kids give names to their favourite toys or teddy bears, right? Some people even give their pet goldfish names as well, even though we know that calling out your pet goldfish name will not bring your goldfish swimming to you, unless you have a pet dog, haha. Whether the named object or named pet will come sprinting to you or not when you call them, giving names is more of a sense of identity and fostering the relationship you build around you and your favourite object or pet.

If you are into video games and such, I think naming your characters in the games is nothing new. Even if you into role playing games, like Dungeon and Dragons or Warhammer Fantasy Flight roles playing games, it is essential to give a name to your character you are role playing. With the name, the game would feel more immersive and imagining the character you role play would bring your imagination to a higher level.

I guess if giving names to characters or miniatures, I think, the question more would be what is the correct name to give your character? Imagine, naming your High Elf Lord, Peter…haha, I dont feel proud and almighty to lead my elves to battle, but I would feel silly though. So, choosing a name for the correct scenario and theme in a game, whether its video or table top games, it make a whole world of difference to how you feel about your character. Like maybe the High Elf Lord, I think I would name him High Elf Lord Chathorn. Try, focus your mind and imagine you are a High Elf Sea Guard unit’s Sea Master, and you are gonna address your High Elf Lord, saying out loud, Lord Chathorn! or… Lord Peter! Which one would feel like an elf? Can you imagine? haha.

Years ago, when I was playing with Mordiem, I gave names to all everyone in my miniature war band. It gave me a sense of belonging, and I can imagine as if I am in the Cities of the Dammed fighting. Was fun though, I still recall Tanis Amimer managed to up his BS skill to like Robin Hood stats, and he is the bow master support, shooting arrows without misses, while his other war band fighter friends charge at the enemies.

mordheim war band

mordheim war band

When I first started my Daemonhunter army, my first squad of Grey Knights, I gave every Grey Knights a name, and it was written on their shoulder pad. With names, fielding them on the battle field and playing with them, give a different feel and identity, even if the battle is won or lost, you will still love your miniatures…haha.

daemonhunter grey knights

daemonhunter grey knights

If you have never name any miniatures before, try it, give a name to the character or miniature, its fun. Anyway, if you cannot think of any good names for your character and you don’t wanna give a silly sounding name to a Lord in the wrong dimension, there are names generators for fantasy and science fiction theme. Check out the sites listed below, names can be generated according to what theme you choose, try it…

Suddenly I recall, what about Tyranids? Do they have names?… haha…

Meantime, let me head to my painting shop and inspire some names for my Lords and Commanders… Cheers!

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