Thought of the Day

I am still infected with the Dark Eldar tainting… haha. Read that the rumoured advanced order will probably be up on Games Workshop site today 5 Oct 2010, I have been constantly jumping to GW site and checking out the advanced order section. Seems like I am really infected with the Dark Eldar poison.

Painting have been a bit slow lately. Still messing with my last 5 Empire Swordmen to make 30. Arggh… the progress seems like ages, need to push myself harder. At the recent Games Day, Forge World Warhammer forge had this Empire Spearmen/halbadier upgrade kit, it got me excited and I had thoughts of getting a new unit of Empire Swordmen or Spearmen to add on to my old sculpt of core unit swordmen. Will check out Forge World site to see when they release the upgrade kit… Argghh… too many miniatures to paint.

knightsWas watching Amazing Race Season 17 last week where the teams were racing in England at one of the castle, in the fields there were Knights! Knights… ! Wow… the Knights were awesome and colorful! Straight away I want my Bretonnia… haha. I want to paint my Bretonnia! Well, I must at least paint a unit of Bretonnia knights before the 2010 ends… haha.

Recently I popped by the local stores, managed to get some citadel detail and fine detail brushes. Started using them today on my swordman. Will use it for a week or so and see how the brush goes, and will compare to my existing brushes, stay tuned.

Back to more painting… Cheers!

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