Now is the time for Dark Eldar! Incoming!

Got the Dark Eldar incoming email from Games Workshop. Was pretty excited to see what the new range of Dark Eldar will be like. Check out the pictures below.

dark Eldar 2010

WOW, that was the first word I said, when I open the email. The miniatures look amazing. Like I say in my earlier post, its time for Dark Eldar, and, wow, they look good. I can feel the darkness and the evil feel in the miniatures range.

The Raider looks cool and it looks like a pirate ship sort of feeling. I saw from the pictures snapped at the Games Day UK from BOLS, the Raiders looked amazing, especially side by side with few other Raiders together, sure feels like a pirate fleet boarding party. The jet bike Reavers looked like a flock of jet bikers charging, cool! I can imagine if I am a Imperial Guardman, those deadly blades on the Reaver bikes come zooming by is sure no fun… haha.

We will see more information about them soon the coming months. 10 plus years, now its time… Dark Eldar.

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