Warhammer Empire teaser

Was shooting pictures of my completed Empire Swordmen and Vampire Count Skeleton Warriors the other day, thought maybe I could do a simple video teaser of the Empire Swordmen fighting the Vampire Count Skeleton Warriors.

Got my software and mess around. Its just a simple short 40 sec clips, enjoy, cheers!

At the village entrance of Lake Countford…

“Hold your fears! Hold…” screamed the Empire Swordmen Duellist. The handgunners detachment all had their fingers on their handgun’s trigger, all ready to heard the word fire to be shouted by their parent unit swordmen Duellist.

“FIRE! FIRE!” screamed the Duellist, Ulgrad Kane. He could feel the strain on his throat as he shouted the command, and thoughts of whether will he get a chance to drink some water to smooth his throat lingers at the back of his mind.

Priest Holenkane’s face turn red with fury and rage. He raised his hammer and shouted, “No FEAR!” The swordmen around him chanted with him… NO FEAR! NO FEAR!…. As the sound of chanting fills the air, the next moment, Priest Holenkane raised his holy hammer, his eyes all deep and heavy chanting, and a bright glow shine around the holy hammer.

He raised his holy hammer forward and shouted, “NO FEAR! CHARGE!!”

With that, all the swordmen were all filled with rage and a holy aura. They raised their blades and charged, all screaming, “No FEAR!”

We have Faith in Sigmar! FOR SIGMAR!

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