Horde of 30 or 40 Skeleton Warriors?

Finally managed to finish up my 5 more skeleton warriors over the weekend. I guess painting skeletons are much faster then painting the Empire swordmen as compared. Most likely cos the skeletons are not really dressed, just in naked bones… haha.

vampire count skeleton warriors

I have painted 10 more skeleton warriors to add to my current unit of 20, making it 30 skeleton warrior. I am still counting and deciding how many should I field for my horde of skeleton warriors, thinking between 30 or 40 skeleton warriors. I can imagine fighting the horde of skeletons, and they are undead, so most likely the fight will last a few turns before a victor side emerge.

vampire count skeleton warriors
Any Vampire Count players can share their thoughts of having a horde of how many skeletons and the strategy on the battlefield?

4 Responses to Horde of 30 or 40 Skeleton Warriors?

  1. i think it depends if you are giving them spears or not if you are going with hand weapons i would stay with 30 as your invocation will keep them up to strength and all will get to attack but if the have spears i like 40 just so in horde formation i get 41 attacks when recieving a charge or in second round of combat

  2. Thanks… Mine Skeletons are all armed with arm and shield, guess I will up it to horde of 40. This reminds me I have forgotten about my last 10 Skeleton Warriors.. haha… more painting… cheers!

  3. In my 3000pt Vampire Counts Army I have two hordes of 50 skeletons and one block of 15/20 skeletons and they work great!