10 plus years, it is time…

I am sure by now, the news of Dark Eldar getting a new release would have driven some of the Dark Eldar fans into the state of uncontrolled happiness. Just as I was pondering, though I do not collect Dark Eldar, but I am looking forward to see the new miniatures range. Of recent years the detailing for Games Workshop miniatures range has got better and better. I guess the Dark Eldar would definitely receive that.

Times files like I always say, whether there is fun or not, haha. Thinking about it, when I first got inspired and dived into the love for this miniature hobby, which was way back in the early years 2001 or so. The Dark Eldar back then is still the same as the Dark Eldar now. Counting the time, its nearly been 10 years or a decade since the Dark Eldar gets a new look or revamp. The last released date was back 1998 and after which was a minor revision in 2003. Other than that, it is time to the Dark Eidar get a new update. Time flies isnt it?

One of the miniature range in the Dark Edlar which always left me a deep impression, was one of the Dark Edlar Ravager or Raider (cant recall) had this female human prisoner on board the craft. I have seen the painted craft with the female prisoner, it always looks good. Guess now the human prisoner is sold as a bitz on the Games Workshop site.

In the midst of the 10 years span, how many times have the Space Marines been updated… haha. I figured that Space Marines is GW core popular selling product, from a business point of view, its logical to update regularly and push for more sale, right?

Another race I thought that should also need some attention are the necrons. It have been around since like the early 2002 or so. Technology has changed a lot since 2000, I am sure the necrons would have updated their Gauss weapons and technology, haha. There’s been rumours recent months that it will be updated.

At some of point in my collecting, I did thought of collecting Necrons, mostly was inspired by the terminator movie. An army of metal glazed necron warriors on the battle field always looks inspiring. I am looking forward to the rumours coming true and see how the new Necrons and their Gauss weapons and technology has evolved and updated.

So much for now, back to more painting, and need to keep my deadline on target… Cheers!

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