5 more Empire Swordmen to make 30 horde

Finally completed my 5 Empire Swordmen, making my unit of 20 Empire Swordmen to 25. Another 5 more to go to make a horde unit of 30.

5 warhammer empire swordmen

Come to think of it, I think I took more time than planned to complete the 5 swordmen. Need to push myself harder to keep up the deadline and targets, and watch some warhammer trailers to make myself more motivated, haha. When I placed the 5 completed Empire Swordmen to join the unit of 20 on a 30 men movement tray, wow, the feel is motivating. I had a sudden rush to quickly complete the last 5 more to make 30, and textured the movement tray. FOR SIGMAR!

25 warhammer empire swordmen

Meantime, let me get back to assemble up another 5 swordmen and simultaneously try to finish up my another 15 more skeletons warriors to make a horde of 40 skeletons for my vampire army… haha.


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